Latih Ketikan 10 jari

jari 10 Buat anda yang sedang melatih kecepatan ketikan anda dengan 10 jari ada solusinya nie,,ngga perlu bayar mahal buat ikut kursus, yang anda butuhkan cuma sebuah software aja, saya menyediakan 2 software nie yang akan sangat membantu anda melatih itu. Softwarenya TYPING TUTOR 1.1.8 dan TYPING SKILLS, kedua software itu nga berbeda jauh tapi download aja keduanya supaya anda bisa memilih.


jari 11

Feature :
Supports multiple keyboard layouts and more can be added easily (see the developers section). Includes support for non-rectangular keys. The following keyboard layouts are currently supported:
Hebrew (no lesson files)
Numeric Keypad
A clear indication of which fingers to use. This is the essence of touchtyping.
A 3D typing game.
Typing statistics and the option of practising the least accurate/slowest/custom keys.
Keyboard is not a fixed size (resolution independent).
Multi-user support.
Teacher support (view student statistics).
Interface for editing lesson files and game settings.
Backspace support
Right to left text support.
Variable text size.
Lesson files can be prose or poems.
Lesson progress indicator.
Completely free with full source code availability.

Berminat sedot nie TYPING TUTOR 1.1.8

download TYPING TUTOR 1.1.8


typin skils

Feature :
No usage limitation.

-We don’t ask you for your mail or registration.

-No nag-screens.

-No spyware/adware in the software.

And of course you don’t have to pay to get the software and share it with friends.

Virtual Keyboard

To help you learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard, Rapid Typing Tutor will display a virtual keyboard with zone highlights.

This way, you’ll always know which hand belongs to which zone.

Choose Your Keyboard

There are more types of keyboards than just QWERTY, including AZERTY, ABNT2, and Dvorak to name a few.

Rapid Typing Tutor supports many different kinds of keyboards, helping you to adjust to your existing or a new working environment in a few easy lessons.

Moving Hands

To make learning even more fun while teaching you how to type correctly, Rapid Typing Tutor displays two moving hands over the keyboard.

Uses the simple and colourful interface.

Rapid Typing Tutor is not just another boring keyboard training tool. With numerous colorful themes and avatars and a game-like environment, Rapid Typing Tutor makes learning typing fun for both adults and children. A built-in typing game makes learning to type an easy and entertaining experience.

Progress Tracking

Evaluate your or your kids’ performance at any time by simply looking at charts! Rapid Typing Tutor tracks your progress, and allows you to see your results at any time.

Your statistics are represented as tables and charts, allowing you to see your progress and become motivated for taking yet another lesson.

The statistics displays your printing speed and accuracy, always with a summary at the end of each lesson

Silahkan sedot softwarenya TYPING SKILLS


Nah dengan adanya software-software tersebut sekaranh anda bisa Latih Ketikan 10 jari dengan simple dan mudah.



Satu Tanggapan

  1. typing tutornya ga bisa di download..
    apa linknya sudah di test?

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