Bit Defender Total Security 2009 + Crack 40 years

bitdef BitDefender merupakan sebuah antivirus ternama dan merupakan pemain lama dalam industri antivirus, jadi bisa dibilang cukup pengalaman dalam membuat sebuah produk yang bekualitas, nah pada 2009 ini BitDefender mengeluarkan 3 Versi antivirus terbarunya yaitu, BitDefender AntiVirus, BitDefender Internet Security dan BitDefender Total Security, dan yang akan saya share disini adalah Bitdefender Total Security karena ini adalah versi yang paling lengkap dan gabungan antara Antivirus dan Internet Security, menurut pengamatan saya harga untuk versi ini sekitar Rp. 65.000 namun disini anda mendapatkannya secara gratis karena saya telah menyediakan Crakk untuk lisensi selama 40 tahun,,wew. saya pun telah mencobanya di rumah dan hasilnya memuaskan, ratusan worm serta trojan terdetect seluruhnya oleh antiVirus ini, karena memiliki database yang sangat banyak, dan satu lagi bila menggunakan lisensi 40 tahun ini anda pun bisa melakukan update Online setiap harinya langsung dari BitDefender jadi seperti Originalnya.


BitDefender Total Security – Key Features

* Advanced proactive protection – BitDefender Total Security 2009 protects your computer against all types of malware, for example Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, spam and adware. Web traffic, email, IMs, etc. are scanned and filtered even before they reach your browser.

* Backup & tuneup tools + Online storage – BitDefender Total Security 2009 has a built-in backup tool that backups and safeguards all your data. The built-in tuneup tools removes unnecessary files and registry entries to keep your computer running smoothly. In addition, BitDefender Total Security 2009 comes with 2 GB online storage space to further protect your data!

* Family network security – With BitDefender’s new Family Network Security feature you can manage the security of your whole home network from a single location. BitDefender software can be configured remotely, while scans, updates, etc., can be run on-demand or scheduled during off-hours.

* IM encryption – With BitDefender Antivirus 2009’s new instant messaging encryption, you can be sure no outsider can get access to your IM conversations.

* Built-in firewall – BitDefender’s built-in firewall controls the Internet access of various application, while making your computer invisible from hackers. It also notifies you when computers log in to your Wi-Fi network.

* Parental control – With BitDefender Total Security’s parental control feature you can rest ensured that your children are protected from inappropriate websites and e-mail messages. You can also set your BitDefender to allow or block web access during spedified intervals.

* Easy to use – BitDefender Total Security is perfect for any user. It is very easy to use; you can basically install it and forget about it. Green and red icons in the interface show you the status of your protection. For users with more specific needs, the software is easy to customize.

* Hourly updates – By default, BitDefender updates every hour to make sure you always have the latest protection for your computer. You can also update the software manually or set it to update at times that you decide.

* Low system usage – BitDefender Total Security 2009 is a light product that doesn’t use up your system resources. In addition it scans and updates very quickly. The 2009 version includes a new Gamer Mode, which temporarily modifies your protection settings when you are playing games.

* FREE 24 hour technical support – For your convenience, BitDefender’s security experts are available whenever you have a question; even in the middle of the night. Phone, email or chat is up to you.

Download BitDefender Total Security 2009 :

Download BitDefender Total Security 2009

oia jangan lupa tinggalin comment yia agar blog ini tetep hidup,,🙂

thankz netters.

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  1. kenapa link downloadnya kok tidak bisa mas….. tolong share doank ke email saya…. thanks

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